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Your wrist: The most important real estate on the earth and why Apple wants to own it now.

Apple failed to achieve a leadership role in the era of the connected PC. But then Steve Jobs realized that the most valuable piece of real estate was not always located in your home. No, it was in your pocket or your purse. With the launch of the iPhone in 2007, Apple changed the world of technology and in the process became one of world’s leading companies. Soon there will be a new battle for real estate: A battle for what might be the most valuable real estate of all, your wrist. Apple fully intends to own it.
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Not sure who the next president of the USA will be but the next VP will be hispanic most likely

The republicans are rightfully in trouble with the hispanic voters for their ridiculous behavior with respect to immigration.  The only way a republican nominee would have a chance to become president is if they could split the hispanic vote.  Unless they make a major change in their objection to comprehensive immigration reform, the only way … Continue reading