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More than you will ever want to know: My 1:34 hour interview on The Internet History Podcast

The Internet History Podcast is a great site which I can fully recommend.  We should all be grateful to Brian McCullough who started this site, maintains it, interviews and edits it.  It is really a labor of love.  He realizes that the very nature of the internet does not result in a very good documentation about its history. … Continue reading

Israel / Palestine

If you don’t like the Jewish settlements in the West Bank, blame Jesus!

Those that are regular readers of this blog, know that I think and write often about the Israeli/Palestine conflict.  I thought I had a deep knowledge of this subject and was really surprised when I learned about the importance of the Christian Zionist movement. About seventy million evangelist born-again Christians in the United States believe … Continue reading

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34 years of not Becoming Steve Jobs

Here I go again, writing about Steve Jobs.  For the last 34 years, Steve Jobs played a role in my life, although not one of which  he was particularly aware. This post is not really a review of the book “Becoming Steve Jobs”. Rather it is a discussion of my interaction/reaction with Jobs either directly … Continue reading