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Social Network becomes Social Net WORK


Being the curious guy that  I am, I tend to sign up on a lot of web sites which I rarely use.  I f course I tried out the social networking when the first came out.  For instance, I jump on Friendster as soon as it launched since my friend, Ram was an investors. Ram is really smart about his investments but not this time.  Then Google came out with one but I can’t even remember the name. Oh, yes, it is called Orkut what ever the hell that means. I never got an invite from there but I just check and I do have an account.  I got on myspace and eventually facebook.  I also joined Linkedin many years ago.  I put up a few things on each of these networks and waited to see if any one ever contacted me.  I go a number of bites on Linkedin.  I think one or two people  invited me to join them on frienster.  No one contacted me for years on myspace but that has changed which is why I am writing this.   I only recently joined facebook.  I am also on  Heavy (on whose board I serve).  Over the years I get 3-5 invitations a month on Linkedin.  I only accept invitations from people I know and my network grows by 1-2 people a month.  Linkedin does not require me to do much.  Now, I am getting invitations from people I really care about on myspace and on facebook.  I accept their invitations but I am embarrassed about my presents on these sites.  I have not populated them with interesting photos, video and other stuff.  It is like having a home without furniture and not wanting to invite you friends and neighbors over.  But what am I to do.  Do I choose one and decorate and if so, which one?  Or do I try to decorate all of them and how much work is that.  Maybe I just populate my own person web site and tell people to go there.  Anyway, I certainly do not have to worry about what I will be doing in my old age. 

6 thoughts on “Social Network becomes Social Net WORK

  1. You are spot on. I can’t invite anyone over to my digital lair if it’s not “furnished” — too funny, and sadly true!


  2. My attitude is crawl before I walk. I signed up for Facebook, took me a couple weeks to put a photo up for my profile. Probably another couple years before i decorate, but then again same thing goes for my house in real life!


  3. There will be an IKEA for digital lairs no doubt – consolidate rockyou, slide, et al – and then consolidate aftermarkets for MMOGS. That would be a fun business.


  4. Do you use your same name on all the sites? I dont , but now i think i should. me …LinkEDIN, MY SPACE,TEE.BEE.DEE.Three different sites, Three different user names. bad idea?..ps now 2thirds done.(50 yrs. next may)


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