The Post PC Period

One man’s vision or no man’s vision: Bush vs. Putin

I have been really torn about switching from the Windows environment to the Mac environment. While my first personal computer was apple like ( It was actually an ACE 1000 which was an apple II clone made by Franklin Computer where I was president in 1983), I pretty much switched over to the what we called at that time the IBM PC world when I joined Intel about a year later.  I did have a MAC for awhile in the early 90’s which I used to run a Midi (music) sequencer called Vision (I was on the board of Opcode) but used an PC for everything else.  I think with the introduction of Windows, we started to refer to the IBM compatible world as the windows world. Later somebody called it the Wintel world but I can tell you Intel had much less to do with shaping the evolution of this type of computer than Microsoft.   Besides working for the company that made the micro processor, I like the openness of the windows platform.  I also liked being able to use all the software I used at work. And there were so many manufactures of the windows pc that I could find the computers I liked for a good price.  I made a tradeoff I new between complexity, functionality and usability.  Apple seemed to be losing out in the market place (which was fine with me).  Steve Jobs was kicked out in 1986 which was fine with me since he had done everything he could to kill Franklin (which went bankrupt because of a law suit with Apple in 1884). But then he came back and has transformed apple into a leading company with reflects a vision.  His vision. Anyway, there is a lot more to this story but let me jump ahead. I recently bought a beautiful small and elegant notebook from Sony (a Vaio TZ170N) and it came with Vista. My life has been a hell since (well not all of my life but a definite portion).  Vista is horrible.  I have to  fight with it all the time to get key things to work. Nothing goes smoothly.  And it is terribly slow.  It can take me five minutes to get it to connect to a new wireless network.  In the mean time my wife (who is not very technical) connects to the net on her iMac Pro in a  minute or so.     Given all the discussion about the upcoming elections, I realized that the choice in computing is between two types of leaders:  The George Bush kind (incompetent, greedy, and arrogant), Vladimir Putin kind (focused, power loving and arrogant).

I am just waiting for all the software I need to move to the net and I will just run Linux.  Of course, I may be giving up all my personal information to Google in exchange.

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