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Obama, I am willing to run as your Vice President but only if you listen

Dear Barack,  the person that I wish would be come president is the man I voted for in 2008, you. But you turned out not to be the person I thought you were.  Some how you thought you could play the political game and win. You thought you were a giant but you even a giant will sink if it stands in quicksand.  I am thinking about running against  you.  But before I do that, I have  an offer. I will run as your vice president.  But only if you listen to me.  I think you are a good person but you are lost. You need help.

4 thoughts on “Obama, I am willing to run as your Vice President but only if you listen

  1. Hi Avram!

    I think that I am going to translate this short in French and publish it on Dreuz.info. My readers (and I) don’t like Obama, and they need to read an honest post like this, because life is nuances, not black or white.


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  3. As an American citizen, I don’t know.
    But as a Zionist, I think Obama has shown very bad signals to those who want to slaughter Jewish nation. This I cannot forgive, in spite of my 1st good impression (that so many people shared).


  4. Hello Avram! So you fell prey to the soft spoken marionette with a golden tongue, I won’t hold it against you, many are sold to ‘hope’, lies and illusory love. Cuba fell to Castro, and Germany to Hitler through promises construed similarly. Hoping is core to the survival of frailty, yet you don’t appear so frail to me, so what about facing truth? According to the 7 year rule of business cycles we were due to recover 2 years ago, yet every single economic chart has fallen, 1/3 of black America’s middle class has disappeared, the wealthy refuse to enterprise rather than be penalized with confiscation. I’m a business owner who’s no longer willing to take risks or to hire. America is becoming as hopeless as my native France while our joint leaders bow to murderous dictators. Freedoms are being crossed off whilst bestiality is endorsed as… just fine! If you are unable to see the abyss on the horizon – do what my artistic daughter does, who turns her paintings sideways to tweak her mind in a different angle. Vice-presidency is as pointless as the desk Biden seats at, you must know that. The country would be better served with your awareness – turn to European news for guidance on where we’ll be at five years from now – it’s a grim, grim picture of liberties lost and quiet desperation. Of course, you will read little about it in America’s media, because reality is contrarian to the lies of this administration. Everybody is redeemable Avram, even you!
    Best regards.


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