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We must eradicate ISIS

I was listening to On Point, or better said its podcast, about Sexual Violence under ISIS, and all of a sudden I realized this was not about politics. This was not about war. No, this was about evil.

I have been following a lot of discussion amongst my friends and in the media about the wisdom of going after ISIS. After all, we have been in a war in the Middle East since 9/11 and many times before. The actions of George Bush in going into Iraq will have to go down in history as one of the greatest blunders of all time. As I supporter of Barak Obama (now I would have to say a feeble supporter), I was all for getting the hell out of Iraq and Afghanistan. Naturally, this would lead to the feeling expressed by many of my left leaning friends, that the ISIS situation is not something that America should have to deal with. It is a problem for the middle eastern countries. Others will say that if we do not fight ISIS now, they will just get stronger and someday attack us at home. So all the discussion is about what is best for us here in the USA.

But after hearing in detail about how ISIS treats women that turned my stomach and made me sick. After hearing about the genocide practiced against Christians; after hearing about the mass execution of men, I could only think of one thing, the evil of the Nazis and Hitler.

During the development of the Nazi movement in Europe, the USA was in an isolationist mode. They were dealing with the great depression. The problems of Europe seems far away. And even though the USA government knew of what was happening to the Jews of Europe, they turned a blind eye to that. I can never forgive America for doing that.

There is something more important than just self-defense. There is something that makes us humans more than just animals. That is understanding that every human life has value and that every woman is a human being and not some object to provide gratification to men. The women that are being raped are mothers, sisters, daughters.

Why is accepting what is happening in Syria and Iraq any different from ignoring what the Nazi’s did. Do we only have to think about our selfish, self-centered world and ignore the pain of others. Can’t we understand that evil exists and must be eradicated.

Would we not be proud of our soldiers, if they did put their feet on the ground to save the lives of the innocents. What ISIS is doing is not war no matter how ugly war is. No, ISIS is a rapist that is raping children as young as nine years old. ISIS is evil and must be eradicated.

11 thoughts on “We must eradicate ISIS

  1. It is evil what ISIS is doing no one sane person would dispute this, but let’s not forget for a moment that like the Nazi’s and Hitler US had a great hand in creating this mess so it is only right that they clean it up now, once and for all. Hitler was, after all, man of the year in 1936 on the cover of Times magazine. IBM sold them technology, Ford was Nazi’s best friend and of course financing and fuel for the war effort also came from this side of the pond. But looking for a quick solution without understanding the root cause of the issue would be not only shortsighted but detrimental to any long term meaningful solution.


  2. Tomek, I think you have to separate the two things. If there is a forest fire, you have to put it out no matter how it started. That does not mean you can not look into the cause and take action to prevent the next one.


    • Avram, I am not trying to justify what ISIS is doing, no human ever could, but we both know that US has done worse things both you and me don’t know about it yet. However, eradicating anything at any cost is a slippery slope to be going down on.


  3. War is big business and, if you look at the history of all the other empires that preceded it, the US is following the same path where it cannot afford to fund the eradication of evil. Also, the US Federal Reserve is not a US Government owned financial institution (our Founding Fathers created the war for independence to become financially independent above all other issues such as religion) and every dollar provided by it to the US Government comes with interest. American citizens are not only paying for wars but also profits to the owners of the Federal Reserve.
    The US has been meddling in all countries great and small for many years, especially after creating economic hitmen (sent by the CIA), and not succeeded in helping the people target country (just the interests of big business in the US).
    Maybe, it’s time to let evil do its thing and, when it focuses its attention to the US, retaliate with everything available. There is so much hatred, violence, injustice, and corruption at home that it makes you wonder why we bother look to another country before fixing our own.
    Check the statistics of how many rapes are committed in the US every hour and you’ll understand…


    • Ira, thanks for your thoughtful comment. While I agree with your statements of fact, I disagree with your conclusion. It is never time to let evil do its thing. And you have created a false choice. There is no indication that if we stopped our justified actions against ISIS and even our unjustified action in other wars, we would deal with the issues at home. And we have the resources to do both. We must not tolerate groups like ISIS. We must stand up against evil even if it does not threaten us directly. We are first and foremost human beings, not just Americans.


    • I bet that if US was looking at itself in the mirror or if there was another country just like US, the US would find enough reasons and justifications to attack it for whatever reason it could justify. I agree with you, war is a huge business for US, some would say a business so big it is spiralling out of control. But like all empires before US, once spread too thin it becomes venerable and defenceless. Since WWII US has bombed over 50 countries and some would argue that while some of it was good, and some horrible it all was at the end of the day motivated not by liberty but by profits.


  4. I don’t agree the U.S. has to be the world’s policeman you are advocating. Having said that you’re right about ISIS and something should be done, but only in concert with other nations. I support the recent bombing campaign to help the Kurds, but oppose using U.S.troops. The region has to grow up and fight for right, with limited help from us.


  5. This is not about being the worlds policeman. It is about drawing a line on what human will tolerate from other human beings.
    I can never forgive the United States on turning its back on what the German’s did to the Jews. So how can I accept the same thing again. Please study carefully the actions of ISIS. They me how they are different than the Nazi’s. Then tell me if you think that the USA should have done something to stop the Genocide pratcised by the Nazi’s against the Jews, Gypies and Gays.
    Bottom line, is that there has to be some moral compass. Some point were self interest is not the dominant motive for everything.


  6. George W. Bush broke it, but I don’t feel we still own it, yet I am for paying some rent in the form of bombs and logistical supplies. As for being the world’s policeman, what about Mexico? There has been a drug war going on their for years killing tens of thousands and many in quite gruesome ways. Yes ISIS has been more adept at publishing its atrocities on YouTube and social media, but the murders in Mexico have been just as barbaric. Is the answer to something very dangerous and close to our border to send in US troops? Wouldn’t the gringo become the new enemy? You can be morally outraged about Mexicans and their families getting tortured and killed, but should we invade the country?

    As for the tragedy of the Holocaust… From the US point of view, we were a very minor power militarily before the second world war, with only a world class navy and a laughably small army. The US did support Hitler’s foes with economic material and munitions, not a neutral act, and of course eventually entered the war against the Nazis. Yes more could have and should have been done, like letting more refugees into the country. The MS St. Louis was an especially ugly incident.

    We’re just one country. We can help, but we can’t do it all alone.


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