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How the USA could have a democratic President in just two years

I know it is a long shot but it is possible that in just two years the USA will have a democratic president.  It would require that the Democrats win the majority of the House of Representatives. Then they could start an Impeachment of both Trump and Pence.  I would think by that time, it would be easy to come up with many reasons to impeach Trump.  It might be a bit harder with Pence but possible. Then the Democrats will have to win 60 seats in the Senate which is possible.  If both Trump and Pence are impeached, the speaker of the House who would be a Democrat will become president.

I know this is very hard to imagine but is it harder than imagining that Donald Trump would become president of the USA and the most powerful man in the world?

31 thoughts on “How the USA could have a democratic President in just two years

  1. Talk of impeaching Trump (who as yet has done nothing even close to an impeachable crime, unless being bombastic is a crime) is as absurd as the talk of impeaching Obama was. Such talk accomplishes little. We should have more confidence in the American system of govt, which has already shown that the President’s more impulsive actions can be halted, at least temporarily, by the judiciary. Impeachment for strictly political (ie non-crime) purposes would likely do more damage to America than 4 years of Trump. Let’s at least see if he can improve the economy, our broken immigration system, & squash ISIS before rushing to lynch him.


    • I think he conspired with the Russians. Do you think that might be a crime. Other than that, I hope you are right but I am not really willing to take a chance. In my opinion, he is evil. He is so consumed by his own ego that nothing is more important. There is a lot of evidence. This is what I sincerely believe. You are welcome to your own opinion and for the sake of all of us, I hope you are right.


      • “I think he conspire”… ” In my opinion, he is evil”… “consumed by his own ego” … are opinions, not facts, and last time I checked, impeachment is not based on opinion. We all have different opinion, and only totalitarian regimes rules by the opinion of a minority. Measured by democratic rules, Trump was elected by a majority of people who have another opinion of Trump. And since he fulfill his campaign promises, we are quite happy!


  2. “I know this is very hard to imagine but is it harder than imagining that Donald Trump would become president of the USA and the most powerful man in the world?”

    A: Emphatically, ‘yes’.

    But here’s something that isn’t: The repubs achieve 2/3 majorities in both houses in 2018. Then Trump can change the constitution-all the things he doesn’t ‘like’.

    Disagree? Look at that Red/Blue map of the USA in terms of which candidate won which state on November 8.

    Be v afraid.


    • I am so worried about that. Not only would the republicans have to get 2/3 in both houses but it also requires 3/4 of the states (38 states). But you are right to keep this in mind. I think the more likely scenario is that Trump will start a major war and get special wartime powers which he will abuse to lock up his “enemies” including the board of Nordstroms.


  3. Jeff, that is your right just as I have a right to express my own point of view. I think I know a great deal about politics. Cleary we do not have the same point of view but that does not mean that we should belittle each other. Any thanks for subscribing in the past and goodbye.


  4. I’m a bit surprised by this post because I’ve never read a shrill statement on this blog previously. I have both Democrats and Republicans as friends and it saddens me that they want to destroy each other – and feel justfied to do so at this moment. Reading another Impeach Trump statement after a contentious election and first month is one thing, but what crime has Vice President Pence committed? It’s ironic but this kind of fervent partianship is going to make it more difficult for Democrats to reconect with blue collar and hearltand voters. Best regards.


    • I have been interested in all the ways things can turn out. I just realized a few days ago that there was a way for there to be a democratic president in two years and explained how that could happen. I don’t think I said anything about Pence other than I thought it would be possible to impeach him as well. That would be required in order to get the third in line as president (see President Ford). I am not attacking republicans. I will attack Trump who I sincerely believe is an evil and dangerous man. I really believe that. I think my tone is pretty moderate or at least I hope so.

      I realize that many of the readers of my blog got to it because of my posts on technology. Maybe I will create two blogs so that they do not have to be subjected to my political views and I don’t have to be subject to their hostility.


    • I disagree (big surprise). I think he has done little or nothing to create jobs but likes to claim things that have nothing to do with him. He has probably made the USA less safe. But let’s not debate this. You and I see things very differently and I suspect we will not win the other over. I hope that I am wrong about Trump. Only time will tell but so far, things do not look good from my point of view.


      • I agree, we can avoid debating our opinions we won’t win the other over. Besides, I am so open minded, tolerant and emphatic that I never try, it’s not in my nature. I prefer to listen and think about the other side point of view.

        But we can debate facts.

        Professionally, I follow Trump daily. News Conferences, speeches etc. I have read all the CEO’s speeches who committed to creating job, cancel building Mexico factories and invest in the US, and all of them but maybe two said it’s because of Trump policies.


  5. Avram, dude, take a deep breath. We’re just seconds into the first inning. We survived 8 years of Obama. We can survive 4 years of Trump. FYI: I didn’t vote for Trump (or Her). I suspect our politics are different but I enjoy reading your blog.


    • Thanks Bart for your comment and for reading my blog. I wish I could take a deep breath but I am reminded of Germany in 1933. Many people said something similar. I understand that the USA is not Germany in 1933 but the lessons of that time should not be lost. However, the point of this specific post was just to discuss a possibility. I am learning a lot these days about how our governance works. I am not sure Trump will survive (or we will) four years. I am actually not a big fan of Obama as president but I was not a big fan of George W. Bush either. Trump is in another class altogether.


  6. “I am reminded of Germany in 1933”. I understand that you have fears. But let’s not be too emotional and let’s keep some rationale here.

    I seriously doubt that you can mention any fact, not a single one, that compares Trump with nazism. I am not talking about feelings or opinion, but hard facts. Not one.

    Trump is a very good man with a big heart, according to many people who know him for a very long time, and testified about that. And I heard the same from one of my sources close to him in Los Angeles for who he did an amazing thing.

    PS : I signed with Dreuz twitter account by mistake, but this is Jean-Patrick


  7. late on thread, three comments:

    1) to Avram’s orig post: if Trump came anywhere to impeachment Bannon would run the Agnew/Ford play: ask Pence to resign, and appoint a new VP who would take over before it went to the Speaker.

    2) Amused by the number of Trump defenders (“Talk of impeaching Trump (who as yet has done nothing even close to an impeachable crime, unless being bombastic is a crime)” who see absolutely nothing “close to an impeachable crime” not even in communication with an enemy state, violation of his lease in washington hotel, emoluments clause etc. Yes, it’s just like Obama, except with actual *potentially* impeacheable claims. Other than being black, what was closer to impeachable with Obama?

    3) Nothing to compare to nazism??? how about “America First” as your logo and rallying cry??? Does he need to publish a book called “My Struggle?” for the analogy to come home?


  8. Avram, you wrote ” I think I know a great deal about politics.” Well, you may think that you know, but you don’t.

    As usual – after all this is my job and this why I am so successful – I fact checked this impeachment process, and it doesn’t work the way you think you know it works.

    If Trump was impeached and if Pence was impeached, Paul Ryan would be the next President. The case wouldn’t go to the Senate. That’s how it works.

    You are not as informed as you think because you place too much trust in media whose purpose is to brainwash their audience. As MSNBC’s Mika Brzezinski said two days ago: «our job is to control what people think». Apparently, they succeeded with you. And it’s because you are not as open minded as me to listen to the other side of the news.

    I watch Fox News, MSNBC, CNN every day. That’s how I “know a great deal about politics”. If I stick to the NYT, Washington Post, HufPost and Politico, I am misinformed.

    As I said before, there is a big dichotomy between the nice and smart guy you are in life, and what you say when it comes to politics. Some of the things you say in politics, it’s difficult to take you seriously (“I am reminded of Germany in 1933”).

    It could very well that you have been misleaded all your adult life on politics.


    • Please stop with the personal attacks. They have no place on my blog and if you continue, I will block you.

      I understand the impeachment process very well. You should re-read my original post. I said that it was possible for the Democrats to gain control of both the house and the senate. Then the House could start the impeachment process. Then if 66 members of the Senate (which would be very difficult to get) (I wrote 60 originally which was an error I should have corrected., voted to find the President and Vice President, guilty and impeached them, the Speaker of the House, who in this case would be a Democrat, would become president.

      You clearly do not understand the impeachment process. The House brings the charges and the Senate serves as the jury. For instance, the House impeached (meaning bringing charges) Bill Clinton but the Senate did not find him guilty.

      By the way, you have no idea what I read or watch.


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