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Andy Grove by Richard Tedlow

    Andy Grove

I read this book with great excitement but also a lot of mixed emotions. After all, I spent 15 years (1984-1999) working one heart beat away from Andy (I worked directly for Les Vadasz who like Andy was not really a founder of Intel but was there from day one and actually had badge number 3).  The book brought back many memories for me. My relationship with Andy was always a bit uncomfortable for me but I am extremely grateful for all that I learned from him and his generosity.


I will not attempt a review of the book here. A simple search on Google will bring up a large number of good reviews.  The book is well worth reading.  In general, the “facts” that are resented are correct to my knowledge.  The are many interesting and sometimes important things that were left out either intentionally or just simple omissions. I would disagree with some of Tedlow’s conclusions.  Andy is truly a great man who I only wish could have been greater at times.

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