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COVID 19 Exit

The purpose of flattening the curve is to make sure the number of people requiring hospitalization including ICU does not overwhelm the system.  Assuming that patients will receive the same quality of treatment in that case, there is no benefit for flattening the curve further. Unless we get a vaccine, the majority of people will get … Continue reading

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How I have spent the last four years…and why it might be important to you

  Next month, I will turn 72 years old. It is hard for me to imagine that it was almost 18 years ago when I left my position at Intel as Vice President of Corporate Business Development. I was just 54 at the time. My objective was not to retire but to rewire. For many … Continue reading

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PSA Testing Debate

There have been a number of recent articles in the press (most notably at the New York Times) about the advisability of giving men routine PSA tests to detect if they have Prostate Cancer. A government panel has recommended that the practices of giving men over 50 (or over 40 if there is family history) be stopped because it results in needless procedures that are costly and effect men negatively without saving lives. I believe this is a dumb recommendation. The PSA can provided valuable information that can save lives. It is not the PSA test that is the problem it is what is done after the results come back that is the issue. Continue reading