Avram's Past

My first hacks

In those days, the telephone operators knew how much you deposited by the sounds of the different kinds of coins. So we recorded the sounds that were needed to make a 3 minute call to the USA from Paris. Then when the operator said (in French of course), deposit x number of Francs, we played back series of sounds. Continue reading

About life in the last third / Avram's Past

If I was seven year old now and had an iPad

Today, while my wife was having a tennis lesson, I waited for her in the car. During this time, I took another class on iTunes U on evolution via my iPad. When she came back, she noted how amazing it was that I could take a course along with actual Yale students. I agreed it was amazing. Then I began to think of my own youth and how I educated myself and how different it would be if I was seven years old now and had an iPad and access to the internet. Continue reading

Social Media / Technology

Another attempt to put order into my social networks (I no longer have time for a social life).

Years ago (early 90s) when I recognized that broadband Internet would create a new medium, I also thought that much of the content would come from individuals but I did not really think about social networks. That is probably because I was such a nerd growing up that I never passed notes around my classroom. Continue reading