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So what does Intel, Google, Apple, Microsoft, Walmart the Cable Networks have in common? You will know soon!

One of the greatest errors  companies make is mistaking who their real competitors are.  I first encountered this when I was working for Digital Equipment Corporation (1979 to 1983).  At that time, Digital thought the Data General, another mini computer company founded by former Digital employees, was its main competitor. While in reality, it was Intel and  … Continue reading

Political Views

Meet President Boehner: Lead by the Koch Brothers, the Republican’s are not trying to destroy the Presidency they are actually trying to take it over

I really have trouble believing that the Republicans are as dumb as they appear.   While the Koch brother’s may be evil, it is hard to imagine that they are stupid.  So maybe this is what’s going on.   Debt Limit and Government shutdown creates constitutional crisis Everyone is wondering  what is the Republican’s end … Continue reading


How John Boehner becomes the Democrats Bitch and Saves America

The recent behavior of the Republican-controlled House of Representatives has given me an opportunity to learn a lot more about how our government works or, more appropriately, does not work. We have outlasted the Constitution It is pretty clear that we have outlasted the wonderful constitution that our founding father’s provided.  Yes, it was a … Continue reading