How John Boehner becomes the Democrats Bitch and Saves America

The recent behavior of the Republican-controlled House of Representatives has given me an opportunity to learn a lot more about how our government works or, more appropriately, does not work.

We have outlasted the Constitution

It is pretty clear that we have outlasted the wonderful constitution that our founding father’s provided.  Yes, it was a flawed start with slavery still permitted and women not having rights, but it had the ability to evolve and improve.  That is over now.  The Constitution provides for two Senators per state independent of population which means that Wyoming with less than 600,000 people has the same number of votes in the Senate as California with a population of almost 40 million.   One in eight people in the USA live in California, by the way.  The House of Representatives is supposed to be allocated on population but  redistricting by Republican-controlled state governments has distorted that.  The result is that the House of Representatives has 234 Republicans and 194 Democrats even though the Democrats won the popular vote in 2012 by more than two million votes.

Ted Cruz lights a fire and the Republicans burn

The recent crisis lead by Senator Ted Cruz  has demonstrated a major flaw in our system of government.  The house leader, currently John Boehner, decides what can be voted on.  So even though there are enough Democratic votes in the house between the Democrats and  some rational Republicans to resolve the government funding crises,  they do not get a chance to vote on that.  Instead the Speaker is only putting up for a vote things that his caucus approves for fear that they will vote him out of office.  The result is a minority of the House holding the government ransom.  The President is rightfully not giving in. If he does, that could spell the end for our democracy. A minority of one half of one of the three branches of Government could then dictate all Government policy.

Speaker über alles

The key thing to understand is this has all to do with the role of the Speaker.  I was surprised to learn that the Speaker does not even have to be a member of the House.  In fact, I am not sure the Speaker has be even be alive or a human but I need to research that more.

John Boehner will do anything to preserve his speakership it seems.  He would rather go down in history as the worst Speaker ever (the house has done next to nothing since he has been their leader) than not be the Speaker.   What makes someone be like this is beyond me.  But, good news!

I have found the solution

The Democrats should commit to Boehner that they will vote for him if his leadership is challenged.  Together with many Republicans in the house, he will easily win.  He can stay in power by acting rational and tell the Tea Party folks that they will be drinking green tea from now on.


The second civil war

If something does not change soon, we may have a new civil war.  President Obama will have to take action as commander and chief to protect our country from our own home grown terrorists.  He has control of the military and the treasury.  He can close down Congress.  Congress does not have an army.  So as long as the army accepts his leadership he will be in control.  But eventually the army will take over.

Let’s hope this does not happen.  Armies do not make for good governments. But neither do the Koch Brothers.

4 thoughts on “How John Boehner becomes the Democrats Bitch and Saves America

  1. 1. i have had an insurance policy with blue cross for 31 years. it got canceled. a new obamacare compliant policy will be offered. no idea what the terms are.

    2. the exchange said that coverage will not be national. do not get sick when traveling.

    3. my son had spinal cord neurosurgery. the best doctor in the world was in arizona. under the new rules we could not use him unless we paid in cash because today the exchange advised that out of state doctors not covered.

    4. income test will force many to medical.

    ummmm… the republicans should have been telling people the details of the problems with the new system. not reading bedtime stories.

    something feels very very uncertain


  2. Right on, Avram. Our government is clearly not working (no pun intended). I’ve had a creepy feeling these last months that if it gets bad enough the US military will take over and try to make things at least functional again. Obama has been a disappointment. He hasn’t been able to build political consensus to move the country out of the recessionary Bush environment. He hasn’t been able to get our military out of the Middle East (or Gitmo). Even though he is Commander in Chief, I don’t see him taking a leadership role in any drastic military-based change. Maybe nobody could have overcome the Koch Brothers’ money and that of their fellow travelers, but I had hoped that Obama would use the bully (ha) pulpit to rally Americans to recognize their best interests and those of the country going forward. As a student of human psychology, there has been a lot learned in watching the large scale machinations of PACs. Our current structure requires those in power to support the destruction of their own power, so that ain’t gonna happen. You may be right about Civil War. Democracy and Capitalism ultimately cannot coexist.


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