About life in the last third

Rewired not Retired

It is not about being retired but as my wife, Deborah says, it is about being rewired. I have to confess that I find it personally a bit confusing. As I often joke, I no longer enjoy what I am good at doing and I am not good at doing what I enjoy. This is actually a true statement. The expectation for the last third of life is changing with more and more seniors being both physically and mentally fit. Continue reading

Avram's Past / Technology

How I got the iPad right in 1994 but was wrong about the Information Furnace

Now before you think this post is all about how insightful I was, and I was, it is really about how things turned out differently than I thought and wanted. It really is about a failure to implement a vision and an exploration of the possibility that things could have ended up differently.

In that very same article (again 1994), I coined the term i-pad (see the Article). Sixteen years later, Apple announced the iPad on Jan. 27th, 2010. Coincidentally, it happened to be my 65th birthday. Continue reading