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How I have spent the last four years…and why it might be important to you

  Next month, I will turn 72 years old. It is hard for me to imagine that it was almost 18 years ago when I left my position at Intel as Vice President of Corporate Business Development. I was just 54 at the time. My objective was not to retire but to rewire. For many … Continue reading

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The next president of the United States may not be running for that office!

For some time, I have been thinking that the next president of the USA might not be currently running for office. Perhaps this has been just wishful thinking. I can’t imagine the possibility of Donald Trump as president. Frankly, it scares me. While I can imagine Hillary Clinton in the Oval Office, I don’t find … Continue reading


How John Boehner becomes the Democrats Bitch and Saves America

The recent behavior of the Republican-controlled House of Representatives has given me an opportunity to learn a lot more about how our government works or, more appropriately, does not work. We have outlasted the Constitution It is pretty clear that we have outlasted the wonderful constitution that our founding father’s provided.  Yes, it was a … Continue reading