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And even more thoughts about the virus

We don’t know how many people have Covid 19

It appears that many people have Covid 19 but no symptoms but are still capable of transmission.  Only testing a sample population will let us know this very important piece of information. 

We need to test for antibodies and not just the virus

Most people who get the virus will recover.  They will have antibodies and while they may not be totally immune they will have far greater immunity.  If you are one of these people you may be able to do things the rest can not do.  This will be very important for health workers.  I would think that testing for antibodies would not be that hard but I don’t really know.  IT could be the many health workers have already had the virus and don’t even know.

Developing drugs to treat will be faster than vaccines

I am not sure of this but it is a lot easier to test the drugs on people that have the virus than give a group of healthy people a vaccine and then wait and see if they develop Covid 19

My heart is breaking

Today, I was listening to the news about New York City and thinking of what is happening in Italy.  I just started crying.  I am also thinking about all the young people that have had the dreams dashed. 

The USA has no national leadership

I don’t want to make this political. Those of you that know me, already know my views on Trump.  It is about competence and trustworthiness. 

2 thoughts on “And even more thoughts about the virus

  1. Hi, Avram. My nephew in Buffalo, NY is scheduled to marry a lass from Port Colborne, Ontario. Borders are closed. He’s on one side and she’s on the other. There will be a lot of sad stories before this pandemic is over. Like the flu, we need a vaccine that may take many months to develop, test, and produce in volume. We have got to do what we can to eliminate the politicians who failed us for their own advantage. Stay safe.


  2. Our system is so corrupt. The fact that Senator Burr and others fail to see how horrible their behavior is. Just staggering. RE: VACCINE-The sad news is there are some viable options out there. There is a group that has a vaccine that is 2 weeks away from human trials. they need funding…I even got it in front of the WH, in a briefing…ZERO response. Can’t help but be cynical. yes there is incompetence…but perhaps more than that, maybe they want us all dead. Mary so sorry about your nephew-may things clear about soon and your nephew get married.

    Stay healthy all!


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