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Egypt: a hope an a plea

The USA, Israel and the other first world democratic states can not keep putting bandages on the economic and political problems of the world. We can not say how wonderful freedom and democracy is but actively deny it to billions of people through the world because we do not trust them. Not dealing with the problems now means dealing with them later when they will only be worse. But of course that is what we do with so many issues. Continue reading

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Intel Alumni Panel Discussion

Last month, I chaired a panel at an event held by the Intel Alumni Group. Like many companies with strong cultures, the alumni still identify with the company and therefore with each other. I am still not sure why I agreed to chair the panel Maybe it was because I feel I owe Intel much and the much of the Intel that I owe is now alumni. But probably it was just that I was asked and asked in such a nice way by Bruce Schechter, the founder and president of the Intel Alumni Network. Continue reading