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Oyster: A way to think about new business opportunities

In fifty years of working with both early-stage companies, I have realized that four components are required for a successful outcome. I call this concept OYSTER. Opportunity Why now? You can’t create an opportunity; it is something you recognize. And hopefully, before others do. Imagine you know how to surf and have a surfboard; you … Continue reading

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34 years of not Becoming Steve Jobs

Here I go again, writing about Steve Jobs.  For the last 34 years, Steve Jobs played a role in my life, although not one of which  he was particularly aware. This post is not really a review of the book “Becoming Steve Jobs”. Rather it is a discussion of my interaction/reaction with Jobs either directly … Continue reading

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Steve Jobs Bio: A review sort

I just finished Walter Isaacson’s bio of Steve Jobs.  I would say it is informative but not insightful.  For tech junkies,  especially of the Apple genre, the book has  detailed information about the history of Apple and especially how product and business decisions were made.  This history  is  presented in a clear and factual manor.  … Continue reading