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Tales from Rotterdam or how I met a Princess and killed the Computer Division of Philips

How I killed Europe’s Largest Computer Company In 1973 I took a train to Appledorn,the Netherlands.   The CEO of Philips asked me to give him my opinion about the viability of his company’s Computer Division.  Philips at that time was one of the leading electronic companies in the world and extremely important in Holland where … Continue reading

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Life Blues: My reaction to Outlaw Blues by Jonathan Taplin

In reading Outlaw Blues by Jonathan Taplin, I realized how easily my life could have gone in a different direction. Maybe, if I liked the music better, I would have become part of the rock music scene. My management and leadership skills might have taken me on a path similar to Jonathan and eventually my creative side might have emerged as it did for him. I had a similar experience reading Holy Beggars by Aryae Coopersmith whom I recently met. In reading Aryae’s book, I realized that I could have easily continued to explore the spiritual side of myself and may have ended up in Israel as a Rabbi. But I fell in love with technology. By 1966, I was working at the Langley Porter Institute, UCSF Medical School, designing equipment for brainwave bio feedback. From that point on, I had a continuing connection to technology. Now I am back to studying music. Jonathan is a Professor at USC. Continue reading