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Is God a Superhero

Karen Santorum, Rick Santorum’s Wife, Says “Campaign Is ‘God’s Will”


I understand that some people believe in God or some other spiritual  force.  My relationship with God would be best described as “its complicated”.  There is a lot we do not understand about the Universe and our own existence, such as “How did the Universe get created?”, “Why is the Universe so finally tuned that life can exists?”, “How did life begin?”, “Why are we conscious and what does it meant to be conscious?” , “What is time and does it really exist?” Trying to answer such questions takes scientists to some strange places like String Theory (multiple-dimensions) and the Multiverse (infinite numbers of Universes which means that we exist an infinite number of times).  We still do not know how life was established and are not even sure what consciousness means.  If science has a religion, it is belief that someday we will be able to answer all these questions.  I personally am not sure.  We will have to survive long enough to answer these questions and even then we may not be capable of understanding the answers.

I have spent my life studying physics.  When I was a child of seven, I started listening to science programs on the radio.  There was one show that dealt with physics.  Einstein was my hero. I had trouble tying my shoe laces and my mother told me that Einstein could not do that either so began my life long identification  with him.  My other hero was Superman.  I thought that someday I would be able to jump into a phone booth and emerge as a superhero myself.  I had very acute childhood asthma and spent most of my 7th year in a convalescent home in Palo Alto, CA (now the location of the Ronald McDonald Home).  I had a lot of time on my hands to ponder the mysteries of the universe. One things I wondered about was the ratio of positive energy to negative energy.  I only knew of protons, electrons and neutrons then.  I wish I had known about anti-matter and dark energy – it certainly would have keep my mind even busier.

Over the years, I have explored Jewish mystic teachings, the Kabbalah, before Madonna made it fashionable.  I  continue to study physics and have become a student of evolution as well as  exploring my own views about time and space. I think of human beings like the cells in my body – they are alive in their own right but totally dependent on the other cells.  While my cells may not be aware, they are the foundation of my awareness.  What ever I am, I am probably dependent on them for my awareness and existence.  So we humans may be like these cells in making up  something much greater and much more aware, the Universe (or Multiverse).  But just like a single cell in my body has little impact on the body as a whole, we humans individually have little impact on the Universe as a whole.  And just like I have limited ability to effect the behavior of a single specific cell in my body, the Universe might have limited ability to impact us individually.  So I struggle with the concept of Rick Santorum’s God.  He (I am pretty sure that Santorums God is a “he”) seems more like Superman than an all powerful force. So while he can run faster than a speeding bullet, is more powerful than a locomotive, and is  able to leap tall buildings in a single bound, he cannot guarantee the election for Rick.

I am hoping that one of you can help me understand this better.  If God wanted Rick Santorum to be president, then why would God not make him President?  Why does Rick Santorum have to campaign? If God, does not want us to use birth control, why does it exist?  And what is God doing all day and night?  Oh, by the way, how did he get to be God?  Normally, I would not think much about this kind of God but this year, God has joined the campaign.  According to Rich Santorum’s wife Karen, the Campaign is “God’s will.” I would think that if God were on your side, you would not need a PAC and a billionaire  (Foster Freiss), who believes that putting aspirin between he knees of a woman is effective birth control.  But then again, I guess God works in mysterious ways. I just wish he had put some aspirin between the knees of Rich Santorum’s mother.

3 thoughts on “Is God a Superhero

  1. This reminds me of the Joan Rivers comment to Johnny Carson on the Tonight Show many years ago, after the newly crowned Miss America attributed her victory to “God’s will be done”. Joan said “I’m not sure there is a God but I am sure that if there is one He’s not looking down on Atlantic City deciding who should be crowned”.


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