My Book

The Flight of a Wild Duck

An improbable journey through life and technology
 by Avram Miller

“You always needed a wild duck like Avram, a nonlinear thinker that stirred up the others. I always try to have an Avram on my team. Always. They disrupt and create.”                        – Andy Grove 1999 as told to Renee James

The Flight of a Wild Duck is the story of how a sickly child from a dysfunctional family, with no formal education, became a senior executive at one of the leading technology companies in the world, Intel. There he co-founded Intel Capital, one of the most successful corporate venture capital organization. Rich with personal stories and insights about computer industry pioneers such as Ken Olsen, Bill Gates, and Andy Grove, the book documents several important events that gave rise to the personal computer, the internet, and the creation of broadband communication, in which Miller played a leading role.

The book will be published in September 2021. Please use this link to be notified about the publication. Thank you.