Apple / Google

How my blog post on Apple and Search went viral and my unintended experience with Internet Journalism

o I wrote a post that was really about how vulnerable Google is. If you are a frequent reader of my blog, you will know that I don’t think much of Google. I don’t like Facebook that much either, but am slowly gaining more respect for the company. I like how Zuckerberg is using his inflated currency (stock) to buy the companies that would end up being the next next thing. Apple amazes me. It proves that there can be life after death and I am now waiting for the third comingof Steve Jobs. Although he was not one of my favorite people, I cannot argue with his results. However, I believe that Apple has some serious challenges ahead.

For sometime I have been thinking that Google is very exposed. They make most of their money from search. While they have been trying to expanded beyond search, their efforts are mediocre at best. Frankly, I think the company is mediocre but it thinks it is not. That is dangerous. I always say the key to success in technology is 1) being lucky and 2) not mistaking your luck for being smart. Google thinks it was smart. Facebook thinks it was lucky. Apple is something else again and I can’t even articulate what that is other to say it is a cross between Italian style and German discipline which was run by a genius dictator. I am not sure about the guy that is running it now. I hope he is able to channel Steve.
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