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My book has been published

If you enjoy this blog, you will enjoy my book, The Flight of a Wild Duck. It was published today. It is available as an ebook, paperback or hardcover here. I worked on this for three years. Please give me your support and reach out to those in your social network and suggest that they order my book. Thank you.

8 thoughts on “My book has been published

  1. It downloaded to my Kindle overnight. I look forward to reading it after Rosh Hashana. Happy and Healthy New Year and safe travels.


  2. Do you have an estimate for when it is in other ebook stores for those of us who don’t Amazon? Currently neither Apple nor Google in the US show anything.


    • You can get it on Barnes and Noble now in physical form. I think I had to give Amazon some period of exclusivity to get some promotion from them. I was not planning on doing Apple or Google but will reconsider. Thank you for bringing this up. If you leave me a message at https://wildduckflight.com/contact/ I will follow up once there is another way to get the ebook.


  3. This is totally bizarre. I just tried to order the hard copy edition and Amazon says they can’t ship it to my residential U.S. address.
    Your book is one of the few I actually want in the dead tree edition.


    • I don’t understand why you are having problems. I’m very sorry. Others have been able to buy it from Amazon in that format. Maybe you can try again. If you still have a problem let me know. And I will follow up with Amazon.


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