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Some more thoughts about the Coronavirus


The Chinese Century

China will be coming out of the problems due to the Covid 19 virus before the USA.  Right now the USA looks like it is in real trouble medically and financially.  China will fill the vacuum left by the major decline of the USA.  

The world’s experience with democracy is ending

Democracies are struggling to cope with the changes that globalization and technology are creating. Democracies are short term oriented and what is needed now is long term thinking. This is another reason that it will be the Chinese Century.

We have been preparing for the wrong wars

The USA has been spending a large percentage of its budget making sure we could fight WWIII. We have an army and weapons not because we need them now but because we could need them to fight a future war. We have to look at Virus the same way. We need to be prepared for that war.

Some good may come out of all this

We will learn that we do not have to travel as much or even need offices. This will help our planet. The trend towards online retail, home delivery of meals etc will continue and accelerate.

It is time to reevaluate what is really important in our lives

It is the people you love and that love you.  

9 thoughts on “Some more thoughts about the Coronavirus

  1. Of course it was the reaction of the totalitarian, non-democratic Chicoms to suppress any bad news that allowed the Hunan virus to become a pandemic. So I’m not convinced that the world will be better off in the Chinese Century.


  2. I am afraid you are right about the fall of the Democratic Experiment. It certainly only worries about short term immediate problems. Toni Blair. Former labor PM says that when left wing populism is up against right wing popularism, The right wing usually wins. I disagree that this will be the Chinese century: I remember when it was the Japanese trading places. China’s Demographic are really dysfunctional. Because of the former single child rule.they will have too many old people that are supported by too few young people. Also thier government is one of thee most cur



    • Thanks for your comments. I understand what you are saying about the demographics but I see it differently. China is colonizing much of Asia and Africa where there are a lot of young people that can do their work for them.

      I hope you and Alice stay safe during this difficult time.


  3. 2/3 done is a series that a good fried of mine started to post the he was 67 years old. He is an amazing guy. He quit school on his 17th birthday, the earliest he was allowed, never to be a enter a school again except to teach.He was coo (1 in Isreal that he had never been to and one US)at two electronics company and ant Intel he VP for development and venture capital . After leaving Intel he when on. just about any board he wanted. He moved to Israel a few years ago. Israel is called “START-UP NATION.

    We should set up a telephone call or even with pictures. I think that it is good that uk is leaving the EU: you mush have more control of your own destiny.



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