About life in the last third

Rewired not Retired

I like the way Woody thinks about this.  I guess he wrote this a few years ago maybe as he was turn 75.  He is now 77 years old.  Next week I all be 67 years old.  Time and my genes have been good to me.  My biological age is about 15 years younger that my real age (check with Real Age to find out yours) My brain speed is about 25 years younger than my real age  (check with Posit Science to find yours).  The good news is I hopefully have many more productive and enjoyable years ahead.  Right behind me is the baby bummers. Having so many people who will be in the last third of their lives is exciting because it is something new in human history.  Jane Fonda speaks of it in this TED talk.

It is not about being retired but as my wife, Deborah says, it is about being rewired.   I have to confess that I find it personally a bit confusing.  As I often joke, I no longer enjoy what I am good at doing and I am not good at doing what I enjoy.  This is actually a true statement.  The expectation  for the last third of life is changing with more and more seniors being both physically and mentally fit.

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