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Our broken health care system

Our health care system is broken.  We pay too much for too little.  Obamacare is too compromised to do much about the real cost of health care.  It’s primary purpose is to provide care to the uninsured it seems although eliminating preexisting conditions is a good thing.  I support that concept and am willing to pay for it which is exactly what I do by paying the increased taxes.

I believe we should have a single payer system.  I don’t think business should be burden with the cost of providing health care benefits.   And much of the benefits they provide are partially paid for by the government.  In fact, about 50% of the total health care bill is paid by government via tax deductions, medicare, medicaid, VA etc.

The government (Medicare) should be able to negotiate with drug manufactures and/or Americans should be able to buy drugs in Canada.

I do believe in Tort Reform.

Much more work should be done on prevention of disease starting with diet and exercise.


We need to look at how we handle the chronically ill and end of life people.  1% of our population costs about 20% of the total health care cost. And the top 5% account for 50% of the costs. Most of these cost are for hospital care. Hospital are some of the most inefficient organization around.

We spend a lot of money keeping people alive that don’t even know they are alive. I would rather spend that money on medical science so the the last year of life happens ten years later.

My republican friends will point out that the government is not capable of running anything well. I tend to agree with that but that does not stop us from having an arm service and there are many examples of companies not doing a very good job of running their business.

Obamacare has become so political on both sides that it may be doomed.  Why in the world did the government not go to Amazon, Yahoo and Google and ask them to set up exchanges.  They could have charged for this and/or sell advertising.  Maybe it is not too late.


5 thoughts on “Our broken health care system

  1. Votre analyse est très intéressante pour une française!
    En France, bien que nous ayons une meilleure prise en charge des malades sans assurances, j’ai pu constater pour moi qui suis une malade chronique, une medecine à 2 vitesses certains traitements ne sont pas entièrement remboursés même en étant reconnue en longue maladie avec une soi-disant prise en charge à 100%! Certains médecins qui pourraient m’aider travaillent à des tarifs exorbitants!
    Certaines personnes abusent des soins et notre sécu qui est en grande difficulté risque bien un jour de faire comme votre système de santé
    Aucune entreprise privée ne fonctionne comme cela et serait mise en faillite depuis très longtemps!
    Merci pour toutes ces infos et analyses que vous partagez avec nous.
    Bonne continuation


  2. National health spending will account for nearly one-fifth of the U.S. economy in 2021, Yet we are sicker then ever. I agree, ACA (Obamacare) should have been given to a company like Google. Someone with a known track record for success. Even perhaps (gasp) L. Ellison. Our dysfunctional government is unable to get anything done, yet is it really okay that 50 million people are without healthcare? Agreed, we need a change. Can we fire the current government and nominate Jon Stewart for president. Colbert for VP and all the Saturday Night Live players to take up congress, senate with Lorn or Tina at the Helm. We would at least be entertained and laughter IS the best medicine.


  3. Nicely put Avram.

    I lived in a country (France) with a terrible healthcare system, losing billion each year, and not providing for as good a service that I had in the US. And I am afraid Obamacare wants too much to look like the European Health systems.

    I guess it would have been too smart to shop around like we all do when we are looking for a product, to send a group of experts in countries where healthcare is efficient and not too expensive and people are happy with, and adapt it to the United States.

    I am not a Democrat. One thing disturbs me is to hear that the Republican wants Obamacare to fail. At this point, they should want it to be 100% implemented. They always think the wrong way.


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