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Did Google defriend me?

Well not really.   Like many of you (now admit it), you check our own name on Google (or now Bing).  I actually do one worse.  I do a search on Google News to articles where my name is mentioned.  Now this normally does not change much since I am not doing anything news worthy (capturing the recent swarm of bees does not count). Furthermore,  the reporters that use to ask me for quotes either moved on or died.  And the ones that did not  likely realize that “Former Intel Vice President” does not carry the some power as it once did.

I have watched Google improve its news search capability.  But when Google did a redo of its search presentation paper I thought I would give the “News” tab another try.   So I put “Avram Miller” in quotes.  Nothing came up.  I was freaked.  Previously,  I would get a graph of the number of articles from 1980 (there are articles that go back even farther then that).   So I clicked on the button that said “Advanced Search“.  I then go a typical Google Advanced Search table.  I noticed a small button that said Archive Search.  and that took me here where I could see all my old favorites  like the Fast Company Article published in 1999 soon after I left Intel on Digital Competition or the USA TODAY profile (1 1/2 pages) published in 1996 that called me “Intel’s one man think thank” (I almost got fired for that one).

Now that I have done that I will venture over to the Google Book search  here and see how many books quote me.


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