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Another attempt to put order into my social networks (I no longer have time for a social life).

An other attempt to put order into my social networks (I no longer have time for a social life).

Facebook:  Keeping my FB ‘friends” down to 1000. I might even lower this number.  I want to use FB with people that I really interact with or who at least post something worth while and have a profile photo.

Twitter:  Still can’t get the hang of this.  I keep getting request from people I don’t know to follow me.  When I asked on Facebook if anyone knew why this would happen, someone said that these people are really looking for an audience. That is they hope I will also want to follow them.  I guess Twitter folks (twits) love to have big number of followers. And now the key thing is to be retwitted. I will let any legitimate person follow me but not creepy people, Russian prostitutes or people trying to sell me stuff.

LinkedIn:  Any business or personal relationship

Plaxo:       Not sure what benefit I am getting from this.

WordPress:   Not really a social network but where I blog.  It is public so I have it linked up with my other accounts.  The good news is that my blogs show up on Facebook , Twitter and Plaxo so more people see them but the bad news is that I do not get any stats about that and if they post on Facebook or Plaxo, that does not show up on my blog.  I wish they would link back.  I am now using Twitter as a way to let people know about my blogs.

Flickr and other photos sites:   I do not use these as social networks

New stuff:   I am always trying new stuff out. Recently installed

Must have left something out.  And yes, I am spending way to much time using social networks  but I am very interested.  Years ago (early 90s) when I recognized that broadband Internet would create a new medium, I also thought that much of the content would come from individuals but I did not really think about social networks.  That is probably because I was such a nerd growing up that I never passed notes around my classroom.

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