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Cyberwar: Yet another thing to worry about

Recently, I was musing here on my blog about all the things that can go wrong in the future.  Well today I was listening to one of m favorite radio programs (yes I still listen to radio but they are actually podcasts now), Fresh Air on PBS.  It was an interview with Richard Clarke, the former chair of the national counter terrorism committee under Bush.  He also advised Obama during the election.  He is a man that I greatly admire.  His now working on cyberwar and has written a book I am just about to read.  But listening to a 45 minute interview was enough to make me realize that there is something else to worry about besides, Climate Change, Peak Oil, Terrism, Nuculear prolifiation etc.

It seems that North Korea and Israel have actually used Cyberwar techniques.  North Korea has people planted in other countries and has already exercised a Denial of Service attack between South Korea and the USA.  Israel evidently  broke into the air defense of Syria when they went in and took out their reactor development (they were able to take over the radar and prevent the Syrians from seeing the Israeli airplanes).  My guess is that the USA has penetrated the Chinese and vis versa.  And either Israel and/or the USA can take down the information systems of Iran.  But maybe terrorists can take down the our financial systems or blow up our oil refineries or worse.  And I am pretty sure that some of the most powerful people in the world are 17 year old Russian cyberthugs drinking vodka and playing with our computers and available for hire.

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