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iPad and the Titanic

I love my iPad.  And like all friend John Doer, I do think it is the next big thing.  But I am very conflicted.  I feel that those of us that are creating technology are maybe the band member on the RMS Titanic.  I try to be objective as much as I can about the world and think that we are all in for a very difficult time (especially our children).

  • We have an economy built on  the  assumption of cheap energy .  That is the first iceberg.  Energy prices may go up ten times or more in the next ten twenty years and we are wasting valuable time.
  • There will probably be major climate shifts that will cause massive destabilization of countries through out the world
  • Countries like Iran will go nuclear and some nut will actually use a bomb cause not only the deaths of tens of thousands of people but the potential collapses of the worlds economy
  • If that does not get us, biological terrorism may

Sorry about this.  I just had to say something.  Now I can go back to enjoying my iPad.  Let the band play on.

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