About life in the last third

My life in quarter notes

In case you did not notice, today is my birthday. I am 62. On Jan. 27th, 1945 Auschwitz was liberated. It is hard for me to imagine that when I was born, Hitler was still leading Germany, the world had yet to see an atomic bomb and the computer was not yet born. Segregation was the norm in the south. The world’s population was just a third of what it is now and most of those that were alive when I was born are gone. Just twenty years later, we were fighting an awful and wrong war in Vietnam (some things do not change), the 60’s generation was young and expressing their creativity and political position. I had already had the privilege of going to jail for the civil right movement, had my heart broken and was programming computers and doing medical research and playing piano and writing music. Twenty years later, I had lived in Holland and Israel, become a husband and a father of three wonderful children and was an executive at Intel and about to start what became Intel Capital. And now, I am semi retired, married again to a wonderful woman and a grandfather of three. It has been ten years since I was treated for prostate cancer and while there were some difficult times, I seem to be fine. Still in love with technology and playing piano better than ever, I am excited about the future, grateful for the past and rejoice in the present.

5 thoughts on “My life in quarter notes

  1. Happy Birthday Avram. Knowing you I think you should retitle the blog though…”half done”? Thanks for sharing this blog with us.


  2. the thing that killed me is that there were only a third the number of people then

    what does this mean for the future

    you are optimistic so i am interested, how will technology save us from our population growth rate


  3. Holly, I think technology could save us from the problems of population growth but not sure it will. Technology does not provide leadership in itself and that is what the world is missing but maybe the internet will allow a new form of leadership to emerge. And education is key especially in the developing world. That is why I support Equal Access (www.equalaccess.org).


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