About life in the last third

Kissing Behavior

I know it is April Fools Day (it is also the first night of Passover and just 15 days to filling your taxes).  But today, I learned something  that really explains some kissing behavior.  A male friend of mine evidently had the best kiss of his life from a lesbian friend.  I heard that and a light went off in my head (I am not going to discuss the behavior of any other organs).  I have a number of female friends who are lesbians and even more female friends that are not.  Beginning a pretty affectionate person, I hug the guys and kiss the girls.  And with many of my female friends, this means an innocent (not romantic or sexual) kiss on the lips.  But many of my female friends press their lips together very tightly as if they are afraid that the kiss could become something more than just friendly.   But my lesbian friends always give me big warm kisses.  Now I know why. They are not afraid of the potential consequences (not one of them has become heterosexual do to my kiss as far as I know).

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