World Situation

The future of the world economy as seen from the counter of Avis, Barcelona.

We went to pick up our rental car at Avis in Barcelona today so we could drive north to the Costa Brava.  I am a member of the Avis Chairman’s club and normally get great service from Avis.  For instance, they drive us in our rental car to the terminal when we return the car.  I did not expect that kind of service in Spain but was shocked that after a long wait, I was told by the Avis person that they did not have the car I had reserved and intact they did not have any automatic cars.  We are not use to driving a stick shift car and did not want to practice in Barcelona.  The only think he could offer was our going to another Avis location where they had a car for us.  We took a taxi there and then after another long wait, we were able to get a car.  As the young man behind the counter check us in, he had a number of interesting remarks.  He said, this is just the begin of the decline of our civilization.  He said companies like Avis where paying the minimum to their staff and had fewer and fewer people doing more and more work.  He said workers no longer cared and the person that was suppose to make sure our car was at the original location probably just could not be bothered to enter the data.  He said, “the best days are over”.  I am afraid he is right.

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