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My interview on the history of residential broadband

As many of you will know, I played a leadership role in creating residential broadband. My activities span the period of 1992 to 1999. Not only was I involved in the development of cable modems and DSL modems, but I used Intel’s might to pull together all the elements required to create what became a new medium; a medium for education, entertainment, commerce, and communication.

Around 2005, I began to work on a book documenting the history of residential broadband since I believed that I had a complete overview of what happened. But then I found out that I did not have the skills to write such a book. So I undertook this blog as both a way of communicating and developing my writing skills.

Three years ago, I started writing The Flight of a Wild Duck. I realized that I probably only had one book in me. So instead of writing only about residential broadband, I wrote mainly about my complete professional life. However, this is an extensive section on residential broadband that readers interested in this topic should appreciate.

I have done many podcast and video interviews in promoting my book, which was published in September of 2021. Sometimes they encompassed the whole of the book. Sometimes the focus was on early-stage investing, given that I co-founded Intel Capital.

Recently, I had the opportunity to be interviewed by the Cable Center. The focus of these interviews is primarily on the development of cable-based broadband.

You can watch it here.

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