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My 1993 Performance Review at Intel (a piece of my history but also a piece of the history of the Internet)

I happened to be cleaning up some old files and came across  a number of my performance reviews at Intel.  I am posting a summary of one, written in 1993, which dealt with my job performance almost twenty years ago. This was the beginning of the most important period of my career.  It was also … Continue reading

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Life Blues: My reaction to Outlaw Blues by Jonathan Taplin

In reading Outlaw Blues by Jonathan Taplin, I realized how easily my life could have gone in a different direction. Maybe, if I liked the music better, I would have become part of the rock music scene. My management and leadership skills might have taken me on a path similar to Jonathan and eventually my creative side might have emerged as it did for him. I had a similar experience reading Holy Beggars by Aryae Coopersmith whom I recently met. In reading Aryae’s book, I realized that I could have easily continued to explore the spiritual side of myself and may have ended up in Israel as a Rabbi. But I fell in love with technology. By 1966, I was working at the Langley Porter Institute, UCSF Medical School, designing equipment for brainwave bio feedback. From that point on, I had a continuing connection to technology. Now I am back to studying music. Jonathan is a Professor at USC. Continue reading

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You know you are old when your greatest contribution to the future is documenting the past

While I am still very much interested in the future, I have come to realize that I know a lot more about the past particularly with respect to technology.  After all I was working with computer before most of the people that use them were born.  For the last few years I have been working … Continue reading


HomePlug Rules

I feel vindicated.  Around 2002, I jointed the board of Current Group, the leader in Broadband over Powerline (the company provides both a set services and capabilities the will help power utilities mange the power grid which can provided dramatic improvements in reduction of both powerconsumption and green house gases emissions as well as a … Continue reading