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Was the Personal Computer Industry Inevitable?

While writing my book, The Flight of a Wild Duck, I couldn’t help but speculate on alternative realities. So much of one’s life is driven by random events. So it was easy for me to imagine how things could have unfolded differently. One of the possibilities that intrigued me was derived from the significant shift … Continue reading

Avram's Past

One of my mentors has passed-Mort Ruderman a real Mensch.

There were five men that played a major role in my professional development. I just learned that one of them passed on last year, Mort Ruderman. I worked for four of these men but not for Mort. Mort was a friend who played a major role in my professional development over a fifteen year span. I suspect that everyone that has some significant professional success can point to a few people that made that success possible. I know that I would not have achieved the things I achieved if it was not for these five men. Continue reading