HomePlug Rules

I feel vindicated.  Around 2002, I jointed the board of Current Group, the leader in Broadband over Powerline (the company provides both a set services and capabilities the will help power utilities mange the power grid which can provided dramatic improvements in reduction of both powerconsumption and green house gases emissions as well as a very competitive consumer broadband service). It was through thisrelationship that I learned of the developments in Home Plug and was introduced to Intellon the company that leads in the development of HomePlug chips and technologies.  The more, I learned the more I was convinced that Home Plug and not WiFi was the right technology for highspeed digital distribution within the home.  It was fortunate for me Because I had an apartment in
San Francisco in a building constructed 1920’with masonry walls.
  At that time I could not get WiFi to work from one part of my unit to the other (and it was not that far).  I got early units from Intellon (I also became an advisor to Intellon) and able to connect all part of my home.  I got even got some units that integrated WiFi with home plug so I was able to finally create get coverage for my notebook in every corner of my home.  I learned about their plans to go to Home Plug Av (200mbits) and realized that this would be finally the solution for connecting AV applications across devices.  But most people I talk to were negative on Home Plug.  In particular my old alma mater (Intel) had previously invested in Powerline technology which failed and they were even reluctant to consider it again.  Further more, they were very committed to WiFi which served them very well in the development of the notebook business.  Without, going into details, Intel eventually saw the value of Home Plug.  They even joined the Home Plug alliance group They recently announced they will be including Home Plug in consumer desktop computers.  In the meantime, Intellon, has gone from almost a basket case to a star.  And now Consumer reports has an article which says that Home Plug is better than WiFi for the home.   

And the WiFi situation will only get worse.  WiFi is a shared spectrum. Think of a busy restaurant with a lot of people talking and music beingpiped in.  People can not hear each other so they speak lauder and lauder and lauder.  That is what is happen with WiFi.  All those WiFiextenders are just raising the background noise.  WiFi is great for mobile application but you will be a lot happier with Home Plug toconnect your network together. 

Look for more and more consumers devices to have Home Plug built in, like set top boxes, HD displays etc. 

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