Making a difference

Hey buddy can you spare a life?

I just read something extremely inspiring that I want to share.  Please read the article in Newsweek about Mikkel Vestergaard.  This Danish man focused his creativity on developing simple products that save lives in African on a grand scale.  The article tells of the development of a LifeStraw which is a $3 gadget that lets people drink bad water without picking up diseases (it filters them out).. He developed and supplied two million mosquito repellent bed nets that are estimated to save about 400,000 lives (of course Barbara Bush could have done that just by keeping her diaphragm in).   

Many of us are creative and energetic people with more than enough money to keep us comfortable for the rest of our lives.  Maybe we can spend a bit of our time, talent and even money to find simple to the problems that are killing so many less fortunate human beings.


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