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You know you are old when your greatest contribution to the future is documenting the past

While I am still very much interested in the future, I have come to realize that I know a lot more about the past particularly with respect to technology.  After all I was working with computer before most of the people that use them were born.  For the last few years I have been working on a project to document the early history of broadband where I was fortunate to play a key role (while I may not be the father of broadband although some say I am, I am surly its god father).  It has been a  two year project and I hope to realize a web site dedicated to this topic at the end of the year.  It is only 15 years ago when Matt Miller, then CTO of General Instruments (reporting can you believe, Don Rumsfeld) and decided to abandon our activities with Microsoft to develop an interactive TV and  instead developed a bi direction cable modem and head end equipment and then proceed to conscience the cable industry that they could over computer communications.  It is not my intention to preview this project but just to illustrate the point.  There are a lot of people that know how broadband works now and probably a large group working on its future including a continuation of my efforts at Intel   (which ended in 1999) with the development of WiMax.  But there are only a handful of people who could explain how residential broadband got created.

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