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How Hillary got my vote

I went to bed a Obama supporter and woke up committed to Hillary.  What happened?  Well I had a dream in which I and a couple of friends were sitting together with Hillary.  One of  my friends asked her how she found enough time to read books.  She picked up a book and started talking about it and in the process leaned over me to show my friend something in the book.  I could feel the softness of her body as it touched mine.  In that moment, Hillary became my mother.  How would you not vote for your mother?  So unless I get a nocturnal visit from Barack, Hillary has my vote.

 It is funny how dreams an effect us.  I normally do not remember my dreams and I wonder how experiences like this really effect my thoughts, feelings and actions.

One thought on “How Hillary got my vote

  1. Funny… “motherly” is not one of the terms I’ve most commonly heard to describe Hillary Clinton.

    But hey, at least you’re honest about the (il)logic of your voting choices. I think it’s a rare person who doesn’t make snap judgments or electoral decisions based on some kind of emotional response. We’re just seldom honest about it.


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