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12 step program to go from Microsoft to Apple

I am on step 11.

Step 1:  Buy vista an become convinced that not only will things not get better but they will only get worse.

Step 2:  Stop thinking that your Mac friends are delusional and imagine that they might be on to something

Step 3: Stop thinking about all the problems you might have in moving over to the Mac and start thinking about how much fun you will have

Step 4:  Realize that your relationship with Microsoft is like a bad marriage.  That you have grown apart and have different objectives.

Step 5:  Go to the Apple Store and get that “feel good” experience/ Like being in love again.

Step 6:  But Mac magazines to read on airplanes and notice all the people that  become friendly

Step 7:  Start hanging out at Apple Stores and also going to the Apple web site.  Download iTunes you do not already have it and maybe also try Safari.

Step 8:  Stare at a photo of Bill Gates for a longtime and then at a photo of Steve Ballmer for even longer.

Step 9:  Start figuring out which Mac you will buy/

Step 10:  Do the deed.  Buy your Mac

Step 11:  Have doubts and uncertainty as you try to make the Mac act like a PC

Step 12: Surrender to bliss


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