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One glass down and seven more to go


I am actually in pretty good shape.  I work out about 10 hours a week (weight training two hours, Pilates, 3 hours, yoga 1 hour, four hours of aerobics).  My resting heart rate is 60 or under and max is almost 180 (remember I am 63) RealAge thinks I am in my mid 40s but I do carry about 15 pounds too much (if I could only give up cocktails).  However, I do not drink enough  water an I am working on this.  It is just a question of developing awareness.  Maybe I need to couple it to my piano playing.  In my early 20s (before I became a father), I smoked 2 1/2 packs a day. I stop when I as 26.  Before I stopped, I could not imagine how I could play piano without a lit cigarette.  Since I  now play about ten hours a week, if I drank a glass every 15 minutes while playing, I could meet my objective.

One thought on “One glass down and seven more to go

  1. Water: I have the same challenge. I’m trying to drink 96 ounces a day. I find it helpful to measure out the water each day into a large container (or a couple smaller ones) so I can see what I’m downing. Not easy and you have to train your body to handle it… :^)

    Keeping a chart also helps. Noting what you have drunk and when/where you can/can’t….

    We’re really lucky that our water is good.


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