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More than 20,000 to my blog

Just hit 20,000 visits to my blog and want to say thank you to all that have visited.  I just wish you would comment more.  I am hoping to launch an additional blog which is called The Electronic Shamanic.  It is the place where I will post the many answers to technology questions I get from friends as well as other comments I may have.  Clearly I must have too much time on my hands but it does not feel that way.

4 thoughts on “More than 20,000 to my blog

  1. Your wish for comments is my command. I have a question for you. I’m someone who uses computers at a very basic level – facebook, online shopping and a little light i-touching. One thing I like about your blog is that you’re someone who has spent large parts of his life working on computers and excited by their possibilities. So, my question is “do you think computers have really changed what it is to be human and am I missing something by not being more involved”?


  2. Hoping to get some opinions on where you see technology heading next, e.g., 3D, AI Digital Assitants, ??????

    Enjoy the blog since I learn much from you and get to live vicariously through your travels and exploits, so looking forward to continuing to follow you here.

    Rick Landsman


  3. Daniel, give me a few days and I will respond in depth to your very important question.
    Rick, also a deep question. It will take a bit longer before you get an answer. I am working on something which I call Ten Technology Trends for Ten (years). Hope to have it out by Dec. 31st.


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