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Dear Mr. Obama, please announce you are going to be a one term president.

You had a chance for greatness but I guess you did not have the capacity for it.  Your ego got in the way once you are made president (it was probably in the way before but I did not notice).  I remember standing only a few feet way from you at a private home in San Francisco when you were a candidate.  I was so impressed with you ability to truly listen to questions and answer them directly.  You seem to be aware that Washington was a dangerous place and even spoke of your fear that you would be in a bubble as president.    But then you got there and decided that you could beat they system. You failed to understand that Congress is like quicksand. Even a giant will sink. It just may take a bit longer.  You played in the the hands of the republicans whose only cynical goal was to get you to fail.  Rather than stand on principle and attack the roots of the problems we have,  you were more concerned with keeping your campaign  promises even if it was only a distortion of what you really said.   I knew you are not the leader that I had so longed for when I saw the terrible way you handled health care.  Rather than standing on your beliefs and refusing to pass a bill that did not deal with the fundamentally flawed system we have, you agreed to a few cosmetic changes with respect to insurance companies and by making it possible for me more people to join this flawed system.  It sickens me that rather than stand up to the military and end the failed war in Afghanistan, you are wasting the lives of our youth and spending large sums of money when the outcome is pretty clear.  I could go on and on but I just have a simple request. Please be a one term president at least for now. You only have two years of your this term left.  If you decided to run again you will waste much of it running for office.  And Sir, you have a  good chance of losing.  Instead, you could announce you will not run again so you can spend your time leading our country.  This will allow a new democratic candidate to emerge. You should state that you will support the candidate selected  by the democratic party but not be involved in the primaries.   After your first term, you will still be very young. You can spend the next eight years (or four if the republicans win) learning from you mistakes, strengthening your abilities in economics and maybe helping the world deal with some of its greatest issue. Then you can run again.

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