The twitter debates for President 2012

I am tired of the old debate formats on TV.  I suggest that we have a twitter debate.  Each candidate would be stationed on the stage in a sound proof class cage.  The audience (any one in the USA) could send each candidate a tweet question. The candidates would then have one minute to reply. They would be allowed to use any device they liked but all applications other than twitter would be removed.  Then the replies from each candidate would be presented to the other candidate for rebuttal.  They would have one minute for that as well.  After ever five questions, each candidate would have the opportunity to tweet a question to the other candidate.  There would be a panel that would be selecting the tweets or maybe we can think of a more representative way of getting the tweets.  The answers from each candidate can be “liked” or “unliked”

One thought on “The twitter debates for President 2012

  1. I think 140 characters is far too much. They should be limited to something less than 20 characters in length. In fact, we can remove advanced technology entirely and simply use head-nods: Up and down signifies “yes,” left to right is “no,” and foaming at the mouth signifies “Republican.”


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