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Inspired by The Dolphin

Many of you know that I play jazz piano.  Frankly, it is the only thing I am still getting better at. I thought I would share with you something I played this morning.  The first part is The Dolphin by Luiz Eca, a Braziian jazz musican.  The second part is my improvising while being inspired by this piece.  It is a first take and really needs a lot of editing but I probably will not do that so you are stuck with it the way it was played.

5 thoughts on “Inspired by The Dolphin

  1. i may have receive a defective copy of your e-mail/musuc. when I hit many links it says ERROR. What do you do to actually play the music. I do not know if I ever told you but my roommate for 4 years at Cokunbia, another music major like pual but much ,ore mild mannered. Ke is an account plashed Jazz musician . He studied with Lenny Trestono for many years. He was get his PhD in Music from princeton and one summer he worked at the Liabray of Congress. He never left and pecame head of the music department and is credited with bring Jazz to yhr Library of Congress. We keep in touch. His Grandson is at RPI which is close to here so I hope to be seeing a lot more of him.


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