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More than 90 minutes of Avram TV

I gave an almost two hour oral history for the Computer History Museum. It was fun. Then they sent me the transcript to edit. Not only was that not fun but it was awful. When I saw the video, I was pretty much pleased. But reading the transcript put me into a major depression. Clearly, our brains are very forgiving when we hear speech but not when we read it.

Then I found out the the museum would post the transcript but probably not the video. Evidently, there are some practical issues about posting video. I won’t go into that here because I do not know how much of what I have been told is confidential. The museum which I have supported in many ways including donations is doing its best I believe.

They will be posting my transcript soon and hopefully the video someday. They are experimenting with way in which the video can be searched. It is pretty awful to spend two hours listening to someone like me without being able to get to the parts you really care about if there are any.

Even though I am embarrassed by the transcript, I will provide a link once it is up on the Computer History Museum’s site. But since they may never post the video, they gave me permission to do that. Editing the video is beyond my abilities. I can’t even figure out how to add something to the green screen although I suspect I will get to that sooner than later.

If you are a frequent visitor to my blog, there will be little that is new in the video but you may enjoy the attitude. Let me know if you do or even if you don’t.

I don’t think this is going to get me into the IMDB which is still on my bucket list.


3 thoughts on “More than 90 minutes of Avram TV

  1. haven’t watched the video yet, but DO like the new photo with more color! Something about wearing white-robe-looking-garb next to water made me think about “walking on water”! 🙂 Did you have to do that at Intel?


  2. Some years back I watched a Nerd TV episode that you sat for. It was great. I was very excited to find this video. It’s also very good. Thank you very much for sharing then and now. Encouraging, enlightening and inspiring.

    You might enjoy this talk by Clay: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=tvos4nORf_Y
    Interesting twist on the application of the innovator’s dilemma theory, cognitive bias and ‘accounting’ 🙂


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