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A few short predictions for the 2016 election

The Vice President will be Latino

Both parties want to get the Latino vote.  Rubio will be the Republican VP nominee.  Not sure which Castro brother will be the Democratic nominee.

Trump will form a third party

He is getting bored and realizes he can not win even the Republican Nomination so he will get out of the Republican race claiming that the republican establishment has ganged up on him.  He will form a third party with his only objective being to get in the national debates like Ross Perot.  He will have a female VP candidate running with him.  Not sure who.

The Republican Nominee with be Romney

None of the current candidates will a majority in the primaries.  Thus, the nomination will go to the convention where Romney will be brokered by the establishment once the delegates are released.

The Democratic Nominee will be Clinton

Sanders is not really a challenge.  She has the nomination sewed up. She could loose to Romney but with Trump running as a third party candidate, he will not get enough votes.

6 thoughts on “A few short predictions for the 2016 election

  1. Hilary would never lose to Romney. That guy has lost like 5-6 elections and only won 1 time. He is not like able. He blatantly lies “these takers do not vote for me” (non federal tax payers are overwhelmingly republican). He is a spoiled brat silver spoon daddy’s boy with a piss poor track record of execution. His teams #s were all sychophAntic lies on game day. PE firms should hire more community organizers – they win in the marketplace.


  2. Interesting prediction. Scary how Trump’s antics could usher in a further long sad era of progressive social and economic doldrums. MSJ’s comments are really funny. Glad I don’t live next door. I think it’s healthy for the republic to swing to the opposite from the current left or right every few years or so regardless of whether any of us like it. Whatever. This is certainly a very weird match up of candidates.


  3. I agree that Avram’s prediction it is plausible. Personally, I don’t think that Romney will agree to being drafted if Trump is running as a third party candidate. Mitt will recognize it as a losing cause.


    • Tom, thank for your comment. I had not thought about the effect of Trump running as a third party candidate on Romney. I think you are correct unless Sanders also runs as a fourth party candidate.


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