Dear Joe, the job of president is vacant, please apply.

My letter to Joe Biden.

May 9, 2020

Dear Joe,

I hope you do not mind me offering some advice but defeating Trump is essential and I am not sure you are up to the job.

Form a Shadow Cabinet Now

This way, the press will go to those you have appointed for comment and each member of your cabinet can attack their counterpart in Trump’s Cabinet as well as Tump. Just imagine if someone like Corey Booker could go after Barr for the Flynn case. Have regular meetings of your cabinet and have your “press secretary” summarized the discussions.

Appoint your Vice President

This way the press will stop wasting time speculating. The VP should be a woman and probably a woman of color. But she must also be an “attack dog” going after Trump, Pence, and their team. This is the only reason I would not pick Michelle Obama. She is too nice.

Hold Weekly Press Briefings

Have virtual press briefings and demonstrate how much more rationally you can deal with issues.

Work on Branding and Positioning

Don’t let Trump own, making the economy better. Release your plan for getting the economy going again. Come up with some key positions of Trump. Paint him as incompetent, uncaring, and corrupt. Form a task forces for all the key issues like health and the economy with key thought leaders like Bill Gates. Get Obama to speak out.

Find Something Important for Bernie

He would not take a position in your cabinet. But he should attend cabinet meetings. Make Warren Secretary of Treasury. Have her explain to everyone how we are going to help the average person.

Please get going. What are you waiting for?

Your friend,


11 thoughts on “Dear Joe, the job of president is vacant, please apply.

  1. Insightful
    The implications of inaction are concerning
    One might add to the list : sharp, continuous and targeted use of social networks

    On the other hand, ‘Basement’ videos are testimonial of lonely inadequacies

    Where did all of Mr Bloomberg’s money go ?



  2. Weird. It would not let me like it Avram, unless I went into my Google or Apple account. Let’s see if this works. Bravo. Yes, Bloomberg, Steyer…WTF are they?


  3. When will Dem leadership wake up? They lumbered us with Biden, now get out and help get him elected. He isn’t able to do this on his own. AOC seems to be one of the few offering vitriolic engagement.


  4. the coming crisis is the crushing national debt and meltdown of economy. For example, how does NY State and NYC continue to operate when tax revenue plummets? With payroll tax receipts dropping how do the feds mail social security checks? Trump is failing to address this tidal wave of a problem, but democrats are structurally incapable of doing what will be necessary. While work and production are halted government cannot spend more than it has. Government worker pay slashed. Pension checks only if the recipient cannot pay their bills otherwise. Cancel rent, mortgage, property tax payments for those who cannot pay.


    • The debt and meltdown of the economy are very concerning. Fortunately, we have low-interest rates at the moment and no inflation. But things can change. Neither party is capable of dealing with the structural issues of the USA Economy. The USA will become the UK of the 21st century. But right now the most important thing is to defeat the worse president in history before he totally destroys or should I say loot the USA.


    • They are already looting the US. Just with on the ground work I have been doing, it is staggering. 150 million masks came in with Jared’s “airbridge”. Those masks were sold fro 5.50 cents a unit. They cost about 1.00. Do the math, they are gouging. Yet, the FEDS come after activists or people who are desperate to fix the supply chain. Everyone of us is terrified so we limit our profit at 10% across the board.

      Crazy crazy times.


  5. USA just needs to spend whatever is necessary to get us back to normal. Print money.
    The world won’t care what we do. The world needs a vibrant America to buy its goods. Dollar is the default currency so there is absolutely no risk. Already we are at 9 trillion in spending and our currency has strengthened against practically others. Crazy world. Get folk back to work with massive infrastructure projects. No reason we should have unemployment. Too much to do to get America caught up. We need someone bold and all we have are Biden and Trump. America deserves so much more.


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