About life in the last third

My computer reminds me of my age

My photo album is becoming a grave yard

Fill with photo of those that have gone

Memories that live in files and folders

To be forgotten once I am done

There are albums where I am a child

And where my mother is still alive

There is a skinny boy looking back

Wondering if he could possibly survive

In my contacts I have created a group

Where I put those that have passed

Their numbers no longer have use

But I can’t delete them that fast

My calendar reminds me of birthdays

Celebrating people who no longer age

With anniversaries of days passed

But no parties to engage

Reminders flash on my screen

Times shared with those I hugged

Messages I can read once more

To think about those I once loved

2 thoughts on “My computer reminds me of my age

  1. A few days ago was my daughter’s birthday. Unfortunately, she is dead, so there was no celebration. I treasure the pictures I have of her on my computer.


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