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Equal Access

I have been involved this wonderful organization for the last five years (I am a senior advisor which means I get to give advice without having to go board meetings).  Equal Access is committed to providing information that will changes the lives of people living in poverty in rual asia.  We are reaching tens of millions of people using the power of radio.  Please check out

Nirmala setting up the satellite antenna

One thought on “Equal Access

  1. As President and Executive Director of Equal Access, I am honored to have Avram Miller as our Senior Advisor. His impact on our organization is significant. He works with us on strategic planning and encourages us in our mission to create positive change for millions of people in the developing world via our unique combination of innovative radio programming, cost-effective technology and direct community outreach.

    Avram has often said to us, “It is not worth doing if it can’t be done at scale.”

    When it comes to working with communities in Nepal, Afghanistan, Cambodia, India, and Laos on issues such as HIV/AIDS prevention, prevention of violence against women and rebuilding societies in post-conflict scenarios, we passionately agree that scaled solutions are imperative.

    All of us at Equal Access are grateful for Avram’s support, encouragement and advice!


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