About life in the last third / Venture Capital

We are all going to live long but we might not know it

For a long time,  sciences have worked on ways to extend our lives but not our minds  The result is predictable or at least many of thought so.  But now it turns out the science has discovered that the brain (home of the mind) is more like a muscle than was thought. Meaning that it can be exercised which makes us smarter  The people at Posit Science have made amazing progress in developing the technology (they call it science) to allow most of us to gain back ten to fifteen years through a series of exercises done with the help of your friendly PC.  They are also testing web based exercises.  I have been advising Posit for the last few years because I believe this is one of the biggest ideas I have heard in years  I have done the exercises and they had very significant results for me (that is  why I am still a boy at 61 years).  Check out www.positscience.com to learn more. And if you are a 20 to 30 year old, maybe you can think of your poor parents and grandparents

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